Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland: Nature’s Spectacular Symphony

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is a place where Mother Nature puts on her grandest show, and it’s no secret that waterfalls take center stage in this mesmerizing performance. With over 10,000 waterfalls to choose from, you might wonder where to start. Well, worry not, because we’ve picked the top 10 waterfalls you absolutely must see during your Icelandic adventure, along with some fascinating facts about each one!

1. Seljalandsfoss – The Fairy Tale Fall

Image source: Lyn Ong Photography

As you approach Seljalandsfoss, prepare to be awestruck. This 60-meter tall cascade is no ordinary waterfall; it’s one you can walk behind, giving you a surreal view from inside the curtain of water. Feeling like a fairy tale explorer yet?

2. Skogafoss – The Viking’s Pride

Photo by: Dusan Stupar

Skogafoss is a roaring giant standing at 60 meters in height and 25 meters in width. According to legend, Viking treasure is said to be hidden behind this thundering beauty, making it an even more exciting visit. A short hike to the top offers panoramic views that are nothing short of breathtaking.

3. Gullfoss – The Golden Gem

Photo by: Gotta Be Worth It

Gullfoss, or the “Golden Falls,” is not only a stunning spectacle but also a symbol of Iceland’s environmental activism. It’s a two-tiered waterfall located in the Haukadalur area, forming part of the Golden Circle. The water appears golden on sunny days, adding a touch of magic to this natural wonder.

4. Dettifoss – Europe’s Most Powerful

Photo by: Oleksandra Zelena

Dettifoss is known as the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The sheer force of the water crashing down is an unforgettable sight. Located in Vatnajökull National Park, it’s a geological marvel that will leave you in awe of nature’s might.

5. Godafoss – The Waterfall of the Gods

Photo by: Susanne Jutzeler

Legend has it that in the year 1000, a local chieftain threw idols of Norse gods into Godafoss, marking the country’s conversion to Christianity. This 12-meter beauty is a historical and spiritual landmark with a rich backstory.

6. Hraunfossar – The Lava Waterfalls

Photo by: Björn Austmar Þórsson

Hraunfossar isn’t just one waterfall; it’s a series of cascades that appear to flow directly out of the lava. The water comes from Langjökull Glacier, making it a crystal-clear, glacial wonder.

7. Svartifoss – The Basalt Beauty

Photo by: Senad Dzinic Dzine

Svartifoss is renowned for its unique backdrop of black basalt columns, giving it an almost otherworldly appearance. Located in Skaftafell National Park, it’s a favorite among hikers.

8. Kirkjufellsfoss – The Church Mountain Fall

Photo by: Gotta Be Worth It

Kirkjufellsfoss is often photographed alongside the iconic Kirkjufell Mountain. This location was even featured in “Game of Thrones.” The blend of mountain and waterfall creates a stunning composition you won’t want to miss.

9. Glymur – The Tallest Hidden Gem

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Jabbi.

Glymur, standing at 198 meters, is Iceland’s tallest waterfall. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but the hike to reach it is a delightful adventure in itself, taking you through a lava cave and along the edge of a canyon.

10. Bruarfoss – The Blue Cascade

Photo by: Ilya Grigorik

Bruarfoss is a secret gem with vibrant blue water. Tucked away in the Icelandic countryside, this hidden treasure is a must-see for those seeking a unique and serene waterfall experience.

So, there you have it, the top 10 waterfalls that make Iceland an absolute paradise for waterfall enthusiasts. Each waterfall has its own story to tell, its own magic to share, and its own indelible mark on Iceland’s breathtaking landscape. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls, hiking behind them, or simply gazing in wonder, Iceland’s waterfalls are a nature lover’s dream come true. Don’t forget your camera – you’re about to capture moments that will stay with you forever!